Tilsa tubi di cartone  
Tilsa tubi di cartone
Tilsa Srl is specialized in the production of cardboard tubes . Founded in 1968, it combines the experience half a century with a spirit and modern mentality , which places it among the market leaders. Over the years, Tilsa has kept constantly updated and now comprises a highly technological fleet , thanks to which it is able to produce most kind of core tube . In addition, the versatility and accuracy of its equipment have enabled it to achieve a high-quality production with considerable streamlining (JIT) of the delivery times. The suppliers, selected from those on the market that offer greater guarantees of reliability, who

consistently provide high quality raw materials, allowing to create products that are absolutely guaranteed. Thanks to its organization and the trust given by its partners, Tilsa is able to meet the diverse needs of all its customers, offering very competitive prices on favourable terms .It is important to recognize the strong collaboration between Tilsa and Ondulor, specializing in the production of corrugated cardboard. The synergies between the two companies spanning the entire value chain in order to best meet the demanding needs of the market.

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  TILSA S.r.l. - Via Statale, 2 - 23890 Barzago (LC) - ITALY
Reg. imprese di Lecco - C.F. - P.IVA: 00296360134 | REA 120166
Capitale Sociale € 90.000,00 i.v.