Tilsa tubi di cartone  
Tilsa tubi di cartone
The paper is considered a natural product in all respects. All  Tilsa production is made from recycled paper and the close relationship  with its suppliers allows Tilsa to control the production chain until the last stage. This involves the return of processing waste from the same suppliers who, after careful selection, are able to re-enter the market.
This industrial advantage, known by everyone as "recycling" has been used by Tilsa for the last thirty years. The paper is a clean material , and in many respects reusable several times. This means safeguarding the environment and reducing waste.
The same philosophy of Tilsa, based on recycling and energy saving, tends to preserve the environment itself extolling the most important levers that today can move public opinion.
If we are therefore forced to choose between different materials, today the answer is simple: “paper does not pollute”.
  Tilsa - Tubi di cartone



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